Cold forging

Economic benefits

Cold forging is a highly productive, economical industrial process and is a valid alternative to forging, casting and turning.

The economic advantages of cold forging can be summarized for us in:

  • less material waste compared to machining by chip removal;
  • in many cases it is possible to use a material with lower initial characteristics (therefore less expensive to obtain characteristics on the finished piece equal to those of steels suitable for machining by chip removal;
  • it is possible to obtain pieces without burrs and edges thus reducing the duration and the number of subsequent processes to obtain the finished piece;
  • the possibility of obtaining “monoblock” pieces thus avoiding the use of assembly steps;
  • in some cases the use of heat treatments can be avoided;
  • possibility of high production rates per hour.

Technical advantages

It goes without saying that there are not only economic advantages, but also technical advantages such as:

  • geometric precision and dimensional constancy;
  • state of the surface of the piece suitable for use without further processing;
  • possibility of obtaining internal and external shapes that are not easily and economically achievable by chip removal;
  • production of metallurgically intact pieces;
  • high quality and good fatigue seal.

Benefits that for the end customer can be the profitability and the effectiveness of the ROI.