Our mission …

a leap into the future!

An Italian company...

Founded in the late 1960s, Combi Arialdo is the reality of an Italian SME that had the vision and strength to transform its origins as a skilled artisan into a modern and structured company.

Our core business is to design and produce components for any type of gate, industrial doors and gates and special products based on the customer’s specific design, designing and producing the relative molds, thanks to the support of our technical department.

Experience, knowledge and product quality

A differentiating factor of Combi Arialdo is the constant quality of the products over time.

With over 50 years of experience and know-how, knowledge of the market such as to identify the winning strategies that have allowed us to achieve the goal of constant growth over the years, we have ensured the self-sustainability of the company, despite the aggressiveness and competitiveness of the market, through online and offline channels.

Believe in people, in the value of a handshake

Combi Arialdo is the story of an entrepreneurial idea that has been able to transform the potential of the original artisan knowledge into a modern multinational reality.

The technological avant-garde and the attention to the customer are the basis of a success that lives in thousands of industrial complexes that every day all over the world open their doors with Combi Arialdo. “For us, every customer request is always a new challenge” and our strategy is based on a “win-win” partnership. We provide our customers with complete coverage and support thanks to our multifunctional team: from the customer’s idea to virtual prototyping, verified by the product study and the respective feasibility.

Respect and know the market

A complete range of components for every type of gate and industrial door that is the result of over thirty years of experience and modern and integrated production systems.

Everything is aimed at always offering the most precise, professional and reliable answer even to the most particular request. As a natural evolution, this created a successful team. All departments are within Combi Arialdo and this allows for better effectiveness in 360 ° time-to-market.

Team up with our partners

“To all those who, nameless and faceless, working with passion and dedication, make it possible to create something that is more than just an accessory.

Thank you, Arialdo “


ENJOY is a word that we have chosen as our motto. You can find it everywhere in our catalogues, in brochures but mainly in our feeling and in our heart. It means ENJOY life, ENJOY your health… cheers! It also means smile… ENJOY what you want most for yourself.

We are dynamic “guys” we want to change the world and break the monotony of this current business. We jump like in our catalogs and dress in jeans, we want a dynamic, modern and young business. We are the future… we want the future and we want all of you with us in this future.

Thank you all!