Combi Arialdo has introduced for its organization the quality management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard to guarantee the conformity of its products, it subjects each phase of the processing cycle to “self-control” activities by the operators, with registration periodic checks carried out. Furthermore, outgoing quality audits are carried out periodically on the finished product ready for sale. The quality of the materials used for the products is guaranteed by a careful selection of suppliers and constant monitoring of supplies. All surface treatments are monitored and controlled with measurements of the thickness of the coating. Furthermore, the corrosion resistance performance is periodically tested with salt spray chamber tests.

Combi Arialdo is also able to satisfy specific requirements of the automotive sector, such as the “PPAP” procedure (production part approval process) and the supply of related documentation. Our Quality office supports engineering, industrialization and internal and / or external production activities. A path that combines tradition and technological development in search of a simple and innovative product, able to satisfy the multiple needs of the market. A success that is ensured by a continuous exchange of experiences and constant collaboration with our partners.


100% Original Italian Quality

The institute for the protection of Italian producers has certified the Combi Arialdo brand with registration n ° 420.050.V with the IT01-100% Original Italian Quality system, guaranteeing that the products are:

  • manufactured entirely in Italy;
  • built with quality materials and first choice for the intended use;
  • built with materials with traceability of the origin of the raw materials;
  • made in compliance with work, hygiene and safety.

Are you sure you are in compliance with the CE marking?

From 1 May 2005 doors and gates must be CE marked: to date, however, the confusion created by those who profit by selling “ghost” certification systems and bad information have generated a great and dangerous misinformation on what really needs to be done in order to correct application of the legislation.

For example: what changes with CPR 305/2011? Do you need to submit your products for verification by a Notified Body? And for what tests? What do the judgments on legal responsibilities say and what the

penalties for non-compliance? What must the technical file contain? Are structural calculations useful? What is FPC? How should one behave for taking charge of maintenance or interventions on old gates, perhaps automated?

COMBI ARIALDO, in collaboration with sector studies, is able to answer these questions and to offer a correct and easily practicable system for marking manual gates and doors, allowing you to comply quickly and at low costs.



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